Aleksander Yeshiva was founded to focus on important Torah values. The yeshiva strives to provide talmidei chachomim with a derech in learning, and to instill within them the value of learning b’iyun with havuneh; while molding these yirei Hashem in a chassidishe derech.

Over the years this system has produced the highest ratio of rabbonim, moirei hoiruah, marbitzei Torah and spiritual leaders. Aleksander is renowned as one of the finest Orthodox communal schools, famous for its high caliber of learning and ethics.

More than a Torah education, Aleksander provides lifelong training and guidance to students and alumni alike. A large number of graduates still attend shiurim regularly and continue their Torah studies b’kvius with chavrusas. Many have become lecturers in their own right.

To achieve our mission goals, The Yeshiva currently employs 18 faculty members. The faculty is established by scholarship, experience, and special intellectual qualities.
As part of the school’s mission, the Yeshiva also gives students the necessary skills to serve as teachers in pre-school, elementary, and high school.

Additionally, we provide training for a range of positions within the Jewish community.

Aleksander’s carefully designed entrance exams and one-on- one interview process enable the selection of students most suited to the program of advanced Talmud study and Rabbinical career training offered.

The Aleksander Yeshiva is designed to appeal to highly motivated and well prepared graduates of Torah secondary schools; who possess the intellectual strength, motivation and interest to pursue a religious program of advanced Talmud study and rabbinical career training. The singularity of “Aleksander Yeshiva” derives from a system offering a broad academic program of interrelated Talmudical studies, philosophy, law, ethics, history and culture. Its aim is to create the foundation for a life devoted to contemplation, the study of
Torah principles, and ethical behavior.

The Aleksander Yeshiva attracts students from various communities in New York as well as from Canada and overseas.