Attendance Policy

Method used to confirm student started classes.

The registrar office prepares class-lists for each instructor at the beginning of each semester,
instructors notify the office if any student on the list did not show up and ask the office to
remove the student from the list, and regenerate for them a clean list.
When a student drops attending a class during the semester the identical process is followed.
The date it becomes apparent that a student has stopped coming to all his classes or initiated the withdrawal process is the date he is considered to have withdrawn. There are no attendance requirements for TSOB
classes. For students who give no notice of withdrawal and do not appear in any classes or in any official academic activities such as taking a test, completing assignments, etc. after the midpoint of the semester, then the midpoint will be considered the student’s official withdrawal date.

While formal attendance is not kept, students are expected to attend classes and study sessions regularly and punctually, unless prevented by illness or other compelling reason. Excessive absence may lead to poor grades or failure